Relationship Between Obesity in Children And Diabetes

obese-kidThe dramatic increase in the prevalence of T2DM or type 2 diabetes among children and adolescents over the past twenty years is linked to obesity. This problem is strongly connected with insulin resistance, which when partnered with “relative insulin deficiency,” leads to the overt type 2 diabetes development.

Adolescents and kids affected with this condition may experience both macrovascular and microvascular complications of this ailment at younger ages. When T2DM hits adults, this could lead to stroke, chronic renal failure, atherosclerotic cardiovascular illness and sudden death. They might also suffer from retinopathy, which eventually leads to blindness.

Parents or guardians of those obese kids are advised to see a physician. These kids need the suitable screening to diagnose their circumstance as early as possible. Thorough management of the disease should be provided.

For a long time, the T2DM used to be almost unheard of in those under 30. Not long ago, nearly all kids with diabetes suffered from the type 1 diabetes. With this, the human bodies could not manufacture sufficient amount of insulin. On the other hand, when a child is affected with type 2 diabetes, his pancreas may create normal levels of insulin, but his cells become defiant to it, usually took many years to develop.

fit-girlSorry to say, but the T2DM is no longer a disease exclusively for adults. The number of kids and teenagers with this condition has skyrocketed within the last two (2) decades. This has prompted the Diabetes Care Journal to tag it as an “emerging epidemic”.

Type 1 is still the most common diabetes among kids, authorities approximate that type 2 diabetes has risen from under five (5) percent in 1994 to roughly twenty (20) percent of all recently diagnosed cases of diabetes among youth recently.

Type 2 diabetes is not typically as acute or life threatening as the type 1 form. But this condition may lead to the development of severe long-term complications like kidney disease, heart disease and blindness. If left untreated, the kid may likely develop circulatory issues serious enough to call for amputation of limbs.

With the right medical management and self-care plan that includes glucose monitoring, nutrition and exercise, the child in question can probably keep his blood sugar levels under control. This will help in preventing serious complications from happening.

Some health experts said that when adults are dealing with obesity and overweight, they can rely on various dietary supplements like forskolin and raspberry ketones. Unfortunately, these are not available for kids. It is highly recommended that parents take the initiative to introduce a healthy and active lifestyle.

Over 80% of all kids and teenagers with T2DM are overweight, and roughly 40% of them are clinically obese. Indeed, health specialists believe that increases among the youths is creating a new outbreak.

Some health experts blame the poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle of the younger people causing obesity, which leads to type 2 diabetes. Many kids today are glued to their televisions or mobile screens. They are more fascinated to online games, virtual groups and social networking. It would be hard for them to appreciate fresh vegetables and fruits.

Many are addicted to huge burgers, cupcakes, fries and other foods that the giant fast food chains are endlessly promoting. Hardly could they appreciate farm fresh produce. They would favor ready-to-eat meals over fresh salads or plain grilled pork.

It is a huge challenge for the parents to educate their kids early on about proper diet, active lifestyle and the importance of having a healthy body. Obesity only invites different kinds of illness that could be prevented with proper guidance and discipline.