Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Liposuction

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes your body fat, mostly around the belly area.

It is a fast weight loss procedure that attempts to improve your physical shape by targeting fatty areas in the body. Though the true nature of liposuction is short term, you can only enjoy its long term effects if you make a complete lifestyle change and include a fitness or exercise routine in your daily schedule.

Before explaining more about this procedure, here are things you need to know before you decide to go through it.

Choose A Board-Certified Surgeon

This is the most important aspect of any plastic surgery procedure. No matter how advanced or developed a clinic’s equipment are, only a surgeon’s experienced hands can give you the best results. For whatever plastic surgery you want done, always make sure that you go to a board-certified surgeon.

While it is tempting to get a cheap liposuction in a developing country, this could be a red flag. Good plastic surgeries are never cheap. If you find a doctor that is offering the procedure to you for half the price compared to a different doctor, this tells you to move on and start looking for another surgeon. Do not jeopardize your image and health for the sake of saving a few extra bucks.

Liposuction Is Only A Quick-Fix

If you are looking for a quick fix from being overweight, liposuction is not the solution you are looking for. Though it is a procedure that can make you lose weight, its main purpose is to simply give a better contour your body.

This operation is designed to target specific fatty areas in your body that are difficult to burn with exercise and diet. If you are thinking about getting a liposuction to avoid exercising and dieting, you are not likely to get the ideal results. You still need to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results of this expensive procedure.

Liposuction Will Not Make You Fit

What exactly constitutes a fit body?

Physical fitness is defined by the type of activity you do, how long you do it and the level of intensity your are working out.

The factors needed are your cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and your body composition. If you pass these measures with flying colors, then you are physically fit.

Liposuction only removes your body fat and has no effects on any of these measures defining if you are physically fit or not.

If physical fitness is what you are after, you have to change your lifestyle, workout everyday, eat a balanced diet and weight loss will simply follow. You cannot expect to lose more than seven pounds from a liposuction. Only living a healthy lifestyle can do that.

Anticipate Post Surgery Pain

Liposuction after all is a surgery and its recovery process should therefore include pain.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being unbearably painful, most patients claim that their pain is either a six or a seven in the intensity scale. If you are worried about the post-surgery pain, you can take the pain medications prescribed by your doctor. But the soreness, swelling and discomfort will persist for the next few days.

Post-Surgery Weight Gain Is Possible

Liposuction will not change your overall weight. This means patients may possibly gain weight after surgery due to water retention from fluids administered during the surgery. As you recover and change your diet, you will eventually see the results you desire.

Do not anticipate that your body change will reflect on your weighing scale. The best way to determine your weight loss is by measuring your body with a measuring tape. You should lose a few inches from this operation.

You Have To Wear Compression Garments

As swelling is inevitable after this surgery, compression garments will help ease the pain and speed up your recovery. Some people can stop using this one to two weeks after but others would need to wear them for a couple more months.

What it does is it makes the skin more adherent and provides a better body silhouette. A compression garment also compresses the space where fat was removed and help hasten your recovery period.

The extent of using this clothing depends on the scope of your surgery and recovery. The garment can also promote healing and improve your end results, so it is best to use them even if it feel uncomfortable.

Liposuction Could Make Cellulite Worse

Though liposuction removes some fat, it can still possibly make your cellulite look worse. This is a normal occurrence when the surgeon has not removed the subcutaneous fat equally. This is why it is incredibly vital to get a licensed and experienced surgeon for a sensitive procedure such as this.

While liposuction can help you reduce your body fat, the operation does not prevent you from gaining weight. It is important to note that you should exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle to preserve the surgery’s results.